Recipe Newsletter: Finding Quick Inexpensive Lunch Recipes

Nowadays, you can easily subscribe to recipe newsletters specifically those that offer easy-to-prepare lunch recipes.  Just like everyone out there, you are probably dealing with heavy workload and it is hard to prepare delicious home cook meals when you do not really have the time to spare.

It is easier to just opt for take outs.  Unfortunately, you tend to sacrifice nutrition with this option.  This is why it is a good idea to look for recipes that you can work with.  You can prepare inexpensive and healthy lunches.  You do not have to satisfy yourself with fast food offerings.  Not only will you learn how to cook, you will also be able to save money!  There is certainly a recipe newsletter out there that offers easy-to-cook lunch recipes.

Avoid Fast Food Places – You Must Know Why!

There are many disadvantages attached to eating in fast food places or even other restaurants.  Many of these places offer the same kinds of food offerings.  These offerings differ only in the amount of calories that they may contain.  An order of a fast food meal packs enough calories that you can consume for the whole day.  Unfortunately, you will likely eat more than once, so you end up eating more calories than you should be eating in a day.  This results to various health problems and weight issues.

You can avoid all these risks if you will opt for home cook lunches.  You will be able to save a lot of money.  A plate in a restaurant can cost you two days’ worth of meal.  Just imagine how much you can save if you will just opt for delicious inexpensive meals.  You only need to subscribe to a good recipe newsletter and you will soon be on your way to preparing inexpensive lunches.  You can even choose the ingredients, so if you are a vegetarian, you can opt for vegan choices of ingredients.  You can also choose cheaper ingredients.

Subscribing to Recipe Newsletters

It is incredibly easy to subscribe to recipe newsletters.  If you haven’t, there are many good ezines or newsletters out there.  Of course, you will find it irritating if you will subscribe to every newsletter out there, so take your pick.  You might want to subscribe to an ezine that offers weekly updates instead of daily updates.  Check out recipe newsletters that gather all kinds of recipes online, so you can just subscribe to it and ignore newsletters from many other sites.  You can then take your time looking through the recipes and finding easy-to-cook ones for lunch.


Achieving a Healthier Diet with a Whole Food Newsletter

A healthy diet is easy to maintain.  You just need to understand one thing – a healthy diet has to consist mainly of whole foods.  Now, if you do not know what they are, you might want to subscribe to a whole food newsletter.  You will find many of these newsletters online.  You just need to look for a comprehensive one.  Of course, you can always just opt for a newsletter that has practically everything, so you do not need to subscribe to many issues from different sites.

Understanding What Whole Foods Are

Whole foods are unprocessed or unrefined food.  Often, they do not contain preservatives or added ingredients like fat, sugar or salt.  They include dark green vegetables, yellow or orange-colored fruits and of course, whole grains.  They also include nuts, seeds, legumes and unprocessed fish, poultry and meat.

It is a good idea to subscribe to a whole food newsletter, so you will get the freshest news about whole foods.  It helps to know the recommended servings for these things.  For instance, the recommended serving for whole grain is three servings everyday.  You need eight to ten servings of whole fruits and vegetables.  Ideally, fruits should be eaten separately in order to maximize the nutrients that you can obtain from them.

When it comes to whole foods, the ideal beverages include water and green tea.  Water hydrates and detoxifies the body without you putting on calories.  Green tea is least processed of all types of teas, so it gives the biggest amount of antioxidant polyphenols.

When eating meat or eggs, opt for pasture fed and finished meat products.  It is also important that you include plant protein sources in your diet, so you will get the best of meat dishes.  Cow’s milk products, though delicious, are not healthy and should be avoided altogether.  Of course, there are organic butter, so you can opt for those.  Ocean-sourced fishes are cleaner and healthier than farm-raised fishes, so avoid the latter.  Of course, you will learn more about these things if you will subscribe to a whole food newsletter.

How to Recognize Whole Foods

A whole food diet is definitely one of the best ways to ensure a healthy life.  It is not always easy, however, to determine if something falls under this category.  So, how do you know if a food is considered whole food?  Here are some guidelines:

  • If it is something you would see grow from the ground or come out from an animal
  • It has only one ingredient – itself.
  • It has not been processed and reprocessed so many times.

These are few simple tips. You will get more if you will subscribe to a whole food newsletter.

Choosing Foods Newsletters and Recipes for Diabetic Diet

Foods newsletters especially those that offer tips for cooking for family members with diabetes can be very informative and useful.  It is not surprising that there are many people who subscribe to this kind of newsletter and regularly visit chef blogs that offer the same.  Finding recipes for diabetics can be challenging.  After all, you cannot just cook anything you want for yourself or your family member if you or the latter is suffering from this debilitating disease.

It is a good idea, therefore, to look for recipes for diabetics.  You can also ask dietitians or nutrition experts, so you will be able to prepare foods that are good for people suffering from this disease.  You will be able to prepare menu that will offer proper nutrition.  In fact, with the right recipes and ingredients, you do not have to give up delicious foods.  You can still eat cake and ice-cream if you want!  Of course, you just have to make sure that you use the right ingredients.

When looking for recipes from foods newsletters or chef blogs, there are some things that you have to take note of.

First of all, you have to choose recipes with healthy ingredients especially those that offer a lot of fiber in your meal.  A person suffering from this condition should consume at least 14 grams of fiber per 1,000 calories.  So, choose recipes that use beans, grains, fruits and vegetables.  Choose a variety of recipes that suggest the use of these ingredients.

Secondly, look for foods newsletters that offer low-glycemic recipes.  The ingredients that should be used should rank low in the Glycemic Index.  This index measures the body’s sugar response to different kinds of foods.  This ranges from 0-100 with 0 as the lowest and 100 as the highest.  You need to choose ingredients that trigger slow sugar response in the body.  These include fruit, lentils, baked beans and wheat bran among others.

Basically, you need to look for foods newsletters offering recipes that are healthy for people with diabetes.  Do not use recipes that require the use of processed foods because these are not good for anyone suffering from this disease.  It is definitely not easy to plan menu for anyone with diabetes, but with the right recipes, you will find that there are many ways to prepare delicious and healthy foods.

Food Newsletters: Choosing Healthy Recipes

Food newsletters often contain recipes that you can try.  If you love cooking, you will surely enjoy receiving weekly recipes from your favorite food and chef blogs.  You can try out different recipes, flavors and tastes.  Of course, you still need to choose your recipes well.  After all, you still have your health to think about.  For instance, there are foods that burn fats.  There are other foods that promote the buildup of fatty tissues in the body.

You need to make sure that you choose your recipes and ingredients well.  The effects of food on your health should be a major factor to consider when choosing your food newsletters’ ingredients and recipes.  So, what should you look for?

First of all, look for recipes using ingredients that are rich in vitamin C.  Your body needs Vitamin C because this vitamin dilutes fat fast.  By eating foods that are packed with this vitamin, your body will be able to efficiently break down fat quickly and flush it out from your system.  There are many food newsletters that offer instructions on how to prepare dishes that are rich in vitamin C.

Secondly, you need to look for recipes that require the use of ingredients rich in fiber.  This is really great if you want to lose weight.  Foods rich in fiber can trick your stomach into feeling faster, so you reduce the amount of food you eat because you already feel full.

Opt for vegetables in your diet because these are rich in fiber.  The outer skin of some vegetables and fruits can help you burn fats.  There are certain vegetables, like cucumber, celery and beet root, that offer negative calorie effect in the body, such that, you tend to burn energy as you digest them. You might want to look into food newsletters that offer recipes for these kinds of vegetables.

Although it can be tempting to try out different dairy recipes, you should consider your health.  To indulge every now and then, of course, is acceptable.  It is hard not to give in to cravings, but make sure that you still opt for healthy choices.  Opt for low fat dairy products when cooking or baking.  There are many food newsletters that offer tips and recipes on this.  All you have to do is find them and be creative!

Restaurants Newsletters: Helping You Stick to Your Diet

Dining out can be challenging if you are trying to stick to your diet plan.  A restaurant meal can create a huge damage on your diet.  This is particularly true if you are going out with friends.  You can find yourself eating foods that are not part of your plan.  You may give in to your cravings and order a bucket of hot wings and a couple of bottle of beers.  It helps to subscribe to restaurants newsletters, so you know the best places to go depending on your particular needs.

Dine Out Without Destroying Your Diet Plan

You can still go out and have fun without destroying your diet.  You might want to do some planning first before you actually go out.  Subscribing to restaurants newsletters will keep you updated.  You will know exactly the hottest places to go to.  You will know the best vegan places near you.  If you frequently travel, it is definitely a good idea to subscribe to these newsletters.

You might want to check out restaurants’ websites before you decide on one place.  You can check out the menus and see for yourself what these restaurants offer.  You can look for places that offer foods that fit your diet.  It is easier to make the right choices when you are far from the delicious sights and smells.  You can decide on a particular meal.  You will find it easier to make your decision.

Tips on How to Dine Out Without Ruining Your Diet

Of course, restaurants newsletters do not always contain everything.  They do not always feature all restaurants near you, so you need to know how you can best stick to your diet when you dine out.  So, what are the things that you can do in order to make sure that you are going to stick to your diet plan?

Talk to the waiter and understand the menu.  If you cannot look up a restaurant before you go out for dinner, you need to take your time understanding the menu options.  There are restaurants that offer a low-calorie section in their menu, so you will know exactly which dishes are low in calories and fat.  Perhaps, you can also request for healthier food preparation.  Maybe you can request that you food be prepared with margarine instead of butter.

You need to be careful when ordering foods.  Perhaps, you can ask for water or unsweetened beverage instead of the usual fattening beverages.  Stay away from soft drinks.  These things are loaded with calories.

There are so many things that you can do in order to avoid ruining your diet whenever you dine out.  Start with subscribing to restaurants newsletters, so you will know exactly where to go.

An Introduction to Chef Blog Digest

Queensland, Australia – The talented chef behind the website has recently started a new website, the  Unlike other websites, this particular site is geared towards doing one thing and one thing only – gathering the best culinary news, articles, videos, links, information, recipes, books, photos online and sending them out to interested subscribers on a weekly basis.

“It is a repository of information that offers fun and interactive way to share and discover information among gastronomically-minded people,” Chef Matthew said.  He added, “We endeavor to continually grow and expand the site’s network.  This way, we will be able to pick out only the most interesting culinary links online.”

Being a foodie and a chef himself, he certainly knows what links would spark the interest of the most discerning culinary reader.  “We would like to be the superior resource for our subscribers,” Chef Matthew said.  Indeed, ChefBlogDigest newsletters only offer the best culinary links online.  Its subscribers need not bother searching for interesting bits weekly.  They only need to go through the newsletter and they will find links to the most interesting articles in the Internet.

Weekly newsletters also include delicious recipes from all over the web.  This is not surprising considering the fact that the team working behind Chef Blog Digest really makes it a point to diligently crawl through the entire web in order to find links which are useful to the site’s subscribers.  Indeed, this site is not just a repository of information.  It offers real value to its subscribers.

Chef Blog Digest’s newsletters offer eclectic content.  This is in order to cater to the varied taste of its subscribers.  Chef Matthew is sure though that the “site’s subscribers – regardless of background – will enjoy Chef Blog Digest’s weekly newsletters.  They will find them valuable, useful and incredibly interesting.”

He admits that the site is fairly new and there is still a huge room for growth and improvement.  He assures Chef Blog Digest’s subscribers that once they have click on the subscription button, they can have access to quality hand-picked culinary links.  They can even say goodbye to some of their newsletters or even their Google Alerts.  The team behind Chef Blog Digest will do all the hard work – the site’s subscribers will get to enjoy the fruits of the team’s labor.

To subscribe to this site, you can visit and fill up the subscription form.  If you would like to submit links to the site and have your blog entries and articles included in the newsletter, you can email

“By signing up for our newsletter, you can start receiving our weekly newsletter.  You will be able to receive links to the most interesting culinary finds and tidbits online.  There is no doubt about it – you will definitely enjoy our newsletter,” Chef Matthew concludes.

Chef Matthew is an Australian chef who has worked in the culinary industry for more than 20 years.  He worked abroad in various capacities.  He worked in hotels, resorts, restaurants, sporting venues, clubs and catering operations.  Over the years, he has developed a thorough understanding of the culinary and hospitality industry.  He currently resides in Australia, runs his websites and cooks up a storm when he has to.

What is Chef Blog Digest?

Who We Are

Chef Blog Digest is a service that is geared towards helping chefs, cooks, culinary students and foodies find the best news, reviews, interviews and articles online.  It is a repository of information that offers fun and interactive way to share and discover information among gastronomically-minded people.

Chef Blog Digest continually grows and expands its network of quality, carefully picked-out contents and links.  The people behind this Site consider it their mission to become a superior resource for every Site user.

What We Offer

Chef Blog Digest goes beyond being a mere repository of information.  We offer a diligent team who goes crawls the web and make sure that every link, article, video, content with real value for our visitors are gathered and offered to all users.  We strive to do more for our visitors.

Where Are We Going

With the advent of social media, Internet users have developed a more eccentric taste.  This is why we offer eclectic content despite the fact that we know you all love food and cooking.  We intend to gather every piece of valuable, useful and interesting information online.  Chef Blog Digest is still somewhat new but we know that there is a huge room for improvement and growth.

Visitors can continue to expect to discover hand-picked high-quality resources and materials.  They do not have to bother with messy search engine results.  They can continue to visit the site to solve a problem, to find an answer to a question and to look for specific information.  We are happy to provide the content and information that they need.

Sign up for Chef Blog Digest now.  Invite other chefs to join in.  While you are at it, invite your family and friends as well.  You can immediately get an instant feed providing you with useful contents and information that you can share with other people – from must-read articles to photos, links and videos that you definitely will enjoy.